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I have always loved writing and telling stories. As a child, I was inventing bedtime stories for my sister and my brother. At school, my favourite part was essay prompts being handed out. I kept a diary, of course. And six years ago, I decided to create my own little digital corner and set up my blog, Funky Wellies Random Thoughts. It started off as a mean to record these moments in life that would otherwise get forgotten. It then evolved into something much more precise. As I am trilingual, I occasionally write posts not only in English, but in French or in German too. Lifestyle is quite a general term, so I narrowed it down to match some of my own interests: travel, music, photography and fashion. Through my blog, I have met some wonderful people and was given exciting opportunities. I have worked with nice brands and companies, attended blogging conferences and become part of a community.

When I started writing Foundation, my first novel and the opening book of The Crossing Lives Trilogy, I also used my blog as a “sounding board” by publishing some extracts and posts about the creative process. I was greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of my readers and their comments, both positive and constructive.

Photography came later as writing. I find taking photos, and therefore capturing memories that would otherwise slowly fade away, fascinating. Printing pictures and sticking them into albums, or filing them in boxes, was given up long ago; it would have used most of the storage capacity in our home. Many people have told me that I have “an eye” and it has inspired me to develop my skills further. More and more images were published on Funky Wellies Random Thoughts, but I did not want it to turn into a photography blog only.

Then two events made me feel the need for a new creative space:
– The completion of my first novel and the ongoing quest for a literary agent and a publisher
– The print rights to one of my photos being sold to a London bank last year

It made me want to push forward both my writing and my photography. Of Lens And Pen, my author website, was born. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy what you read and see.
Photo © Jaytee Van Stean / fotoinitiative – 2015
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11 thoughts on “Welcome To My Author Website

  1. Wonderful. This all looks amazing. Photography and writing pair so beautifully together, both an art in sharing a lens to new perspectives. I feel nothing my exiting momentum here! Keep going!

  2. Beautiful! Exquisite! A perfect place for you to embrace your lens and your pen and pursue the creation of ART. Love, love, love the photos of you.

  3. I love the look of this – very professional and stylish! I think the photography perfectly complements your writing. Good luck with it all! Thanks for linking to #whatImWriting

  4. Great site! It’s really professional, and is making me toy with the idea of producing something a bit more ‘authory’ for myself… I keep thinking I should and then find myself coming back to my mish mash blog – but this is really inspiring 🙂 xx

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