When Life Takes Over

Warm and Comfy Minions Socks

I was announcing last week the start of my second novel. So how much did I write? Not a word, although the opening sentences are there, ready to be typed. All I had time for was going back to the research I did in 2015 and think more about my story, mainly while out in the forest with our dog.

I am getting a bit better at accepting that sometimes, life just takes over and needs your immediate attention. Patience is required, and this is not my forte. However, so many things are simply falling into place at the moment that I know the necessary time to write will somehow materialise too. Come to think of it, it is happening already: Wednesday was supposed to be the first day of my new freelance job and it has now been postponed to next week.

As the last sunny day forecasted for this week ends, my warm Minions socks and I are ready to take place in front of the Mac tomorrow.

Have your writing projects been delayed too?

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7 thoughts on “When Life Takes Over

  1. hmm… wondering if I should wear warm and funky socks in the office tomorrow!?!? 😀

  2. Writing has been largely on hold over here! Although taking a break from the intensity of blogging did allow me to get quite a few blog posts scheduled 🙂 Life does get in the way sometimes, and accepting that definitely makes for a calmer existence… #whatimwriting

  3. Research and thinking are important too, and might save you time later on. Perhaps the whole time you were walking the dog in the forest, you were doing useful writing work anyway. Good luck with your next steps.

  4. Sometimes life does get in the way – it’s avoidable, but then creative ideas can come from time spent away from writing anyway. Hope things go well this week with those lovely fluffy socks on! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

    1. of course, when I say ‘avoidable’ I mean ‘unavoidable’!!

  5. I feel like I’m just clinging onto writing time by the skin of my teeth at the moment! There are always so many things to compete with it, and whilst mostly writing takes priority my son’s not very well at the moment which makes it harder to stick to my schedule… As you say though things do tend to fall into place in their own time. Hope you’ve had a good writing week 🙂 xx

  6. Sometimes life does get in the way and you have to live life to get inspiration to write. You will get back into that routine and your words will flow xx

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